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Reservation request terms and conditons.

Reservation request:

This is a request to book a specific accommodation and date. Only when we confirm you reservation will the booking be final.

Our Deposit Policy:

A authorization deposit equal to the first nights charge is required to confirm your reservation. With being a small inn, we never have people lining up at 6 o’clock to take our rooms like the bigger hotels. We feel it’s a two-part contract. We absolutely, positively promise we won’t give your room away…We expect you to promise to honor your financial commitment.

Cancellation Policy:

For our guest rooms, a one-night cancellation charge will be processed for cancellations and no-shows received within 5 days of scheduled arrival. For the cottage or ice/loft, a two night cancellation charge will be processed for cancellations received within 14 days prior to arrival.

Please No Smoking in any Building.

All buildings are no smoking or vaping please inside. You may smoke/vape outside any building. Yes, there will be a $200 cleaning charge if you do smoke in any room. The resident red bone hound has a nose for cigarette smoke.

Here at Eleven Gables Inn we ask one thing when making reservations. Please let us know you are planning on bringing your dog along, allowing us to set you up in one of our dog suites. These rooms have their own private entrances to ensure easy access.

Our resident Red-bone Coonhound loves meeting new people! So come stay with us at Eleven Gables Inn, a unique Lake Geneva pet friendly hotel where you can swim with your buddies at our pier! We look forward to meeting your dogs!

No Firearms or Weapons Permitted on This Property

No firearms of weapons permitted on this property. Violators are considered trespassers and are subject to forfeiture or arrest.

Please Please if bringing a fur baby:

  • Only some rooms are dog friendly, so let us know if you are bringing your buddy with.
  • **Only dogs – no cats— we are allergic to cats.
  • **Limit of two dogs per rental.
  • **Guests are responsible for any damage or disruption pets may cause.
  • **If you pet is left unattended in your room and neighboring guests are disturbed you will be asked to leave.
  • **All dogs must be crated if left unattended. Sometimes dogs freakout when left behind and can cause damage to property and themselves.
  • **Dogs must be approved before reservation.
  • !!!!Some breeds are not allowed.  Cane Corsos, Shepherds, Malamutes, Husky, big hairy shedding dogs. But we make an exception for Nuffies! We know these are great dogs, but for everyone’s safety and cleanliness we have to filter. Size does NOT matter. 


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