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Dog getting out of water with stick.

Reservation request terms and conditons.

Reservation request: This is a request to book a specific accommodation and date. Only when we confirm you reservation will the booking be final. Our Deposit Policy: A authorization deposit equal to the first nights charge is required to confirm your reservation. With being a small inn, we never have people lining up at 6 […]

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Walking around Lake Geneva with the dog.

Outdoor Lake Geneva

The early morning walks are the best. Fresh air. spring sunshine, and a good buddy.

Nice walkaway the shore path

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Meetings and events

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Tinkerbell , going along
Flex , going for a walk

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“I had a lovely, relaxing weekend in the Sunrise Peach room with my wife and dog...I truly enjoyed the tranquility of Eleven Gables and its pet friendly nature. Thanks for a great stay!”

“Woof Woof"

“There’s nothing like getting to enjoy Lake Geneva away from the busy-ness of the main resorts. Eleven Gables provided the relaxing environment that my husband and I really needed.”

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