Running free at the Kettle Moraine.

Where to go with your dog in Lake Geneva

Linn Township Nature Park

Located two miles outside Lake Geneva the 210 acre nature park is a restored prairie with oak savannas. They do a annual burn which restores the native prairie flowers in the summer. Two miles of grass trails wander around two small ponds.

Linn nature park in July
Linn nature park in July
Linn nature park
Linn nature park trial sign
Linn park winter sunrise

White river county park

Just two miles out side of Lake Geneva the White River county park is 200 acres of classic Wisconsin. The old barn sets overlooking the White River. The head water of the river is Lake Geneva in downtown which controls the lake's level, by the time it gets to the park it is a small stream in mid summer to a wild kayaking adventure in the spring. A total of two miles goes through the park with hard wood forests. 110 acres is currently being restored to Wisconsin prairie.

White river County Park one of two bridges.
Bridge at White River Park in summer.
White river park
Coon hound on bridge at park
The future restored prairie.

Lake Geneva's famous lake shore path

One of the unique features of Lake Geneva is the path which goes all the way around the lake, up to 22 miles. It transverses along the shore edge between the lake and the many Mcmansion's front yards. It is a public easement so some places have nice cobble stone path, while others are the original dirt path the native Americans used. The origin of the easement was the result of the original treaty between white settlers and natives, in which they were given the right to hunt and fish along the shore.

Lets Go for a walk on lake path.
Lake shore path in fall
A home around Lake Geneva
stature a Lake Geneva Public Library