Red Bone hound on Ice Age Trial

Lake Geneva Pet Friendly Hotel






Lake Geneva Pet Friendly. We are really in downtown Lake Geneva

Eleven Gables Inn is one of the very few pet friendly hotels in Lake Geneva, catering specifically to dogs

Our dog/ pet friendly hotel is located on directly on the shoreline of Lake Geneva. This 25 mile long path is considered the unofficial dog park of the town. Here you and your four legged friend can walk, run, swim off of the pier and play fetch until the sun goes down. Another great area to take your dog exploring is Kettle Moraine Forest, which is just a short distance from our Lake Geneva hotel. This landmark trial winds through forest and fields, providing hours of scenic entertainment for you and your pup. Remember, a tired dog is a happy dog!

In 2012 many of the Lake Geneva restaurants added pet friendly sidewalk seating as an option, allowing your dog to accompany you and the rest of your family to a nice lunch or dinner.

Here at Eleven Gables Inn we ask one thing when making reservations. Please let us know you are planning on bringing your dog along, allowing us to set you up in one of our dog suites. These rooms have their own private entrances to ensure easy access.