Lake Geneva Lake Shore Path

A 21-mile path around the lake allows the public a easement through private yards of lakeside homes . The best way to enjoy the beauty of the Lake Geneva’s lake shore path is to be on it. Enjoy the wonder of the dance between light and water. Take off your shoes, bring a picnic along – chill out…. every moment is different and new. I takes one full day to walk the entire path, or you can go part way and take a tour boat or taxis back. A little rough for strollers but great for dogs. The best section of the path is from the City of Lake Geneva to Williams Bay, about 8 miles. For a short trip, about 3 blocks, go south from Eleven Gables to the Stone Manor.

Lake Geneva’s lake shore path is not very bike friendly. Unless you wish to mountain bike up and down stairs, over patio furniture and on worn dirt paths, this is not a road bike friendly venue. There are great country back roads just north of town for road biking.