pier and deck on Lake Geneva

A Carpenter’s Gothic Boutique Inn on Lake Geneva 1852

A Historic Inn Located on Wrigley Drive in Lake Geneva Wisconsin

An Authentic Carpenter’s Gothic lake house as a boutique inn located three blocks from downtown Lake Geneva,Wisconsin. The property has a private pier in the very clean waters of Geneva Lake; you can see the bottom down to 12 feet when the wind is calm. In the State of Wisconsin the first homes where always built on the southeast shores, so as to catch the south westerly winds coming across the waters. When the wind came out of the north in the summer they were generally cooler, thus Eleven Gables is located on the southeast shore to capture the winds of summer.

The footprint of the building is designed in a cross formation, with every arm of the cross being a separate room. Thus all rooms on the second floor have three outside walls. This makes them very quiet and allows for great cross ventilation. The best part of living on the lake is being able to enjoy the summer winds and the smell of water; to be able to wake up in the morning to the songs of birds.