Lake Geneva Vacation Tips

Lake Geneva is a weekend getaway. In the summer on certain weekends the town is very congested. The best time to enjoy LG is when the locals do – Monday thru Thursday.

IF you have to come to LG in the summer and on weekends do it on the weekend preceding or after a three day Holiday weekend.

Where to eat:

In general hotel concierges can be easily, how do I put this, “influenced” by a number of factors that may not be to your best interest. Double DIDO for the local Chamber of Commerce.

You can ask local shop workers and owners, or if you happen to see a real live local cheese head in a non-tourist place query away. But remember these people live in a small town in Wisconsin and don’t get paid much. Their idea of “good” food may be drastically different than a more cosmopolitan palette.

From the last 15 years of feedback here are some general observations:

  • Places “on the water” are generally coasting on their location, unless they are the original owner. That was pointed out for me by a well traveled visitor from the BVI.
  • Resort food is institutionalized food, overpriced (because of location) and formulated for the masses.
  • Know what you want to eat. Do you really want a formal five course dinner? Spending more money does not bring more happiness. You may really impress him or her buy being original and creative in your choice of venue. Your on your holiday, if you want a root beer float and cheese and bread for dinner, do it. The kids aren’t here. Couples that have been together for a while know this, or should. What do you want to eat NOW. Go with the flow.
  • You do not need a reservation. But if you feel you must, you can change your mind. Please be kind and call up where you made the reservation and cancel-Karma .
  • Set and setting is very important. Make you own meal. You can go to Walmart or the PigglyWiggly and get a broasted chicken, add some fresh bread, sweats and cheese from some of the local bakeries. Add a summer sunset in the park or pier and some draft root beer …. yes I am a cheese head. It does not have to be perfect; if it isn’t it will be something to laugh about and remember years now.
  • The restaurants that advertize the most do so for a reason. Walk around, pay attention – look. The same goes for “stories” in magazines and newspapers- they are paid advertisers.
  • Internet review sites like Yelp and Facebook are like Frankenstein. They started out as a good idea but are evolving into monsters. There is a whole industry that write reviews to hype and/or trash. There is nothing like having boots on the ground- you are in Lake Geneva.
  • The Great Recession has been devastating to the local restaurant business, the best formal dinning establishment, Gilbert’s, didn’t survive. In case your wondering, and you should, why I say they were the best is because of you. The feedback I got from people who stayed at Eleven Gables Inn. I never did have a meal at Gilbert’s, remember it would be wasted -I’m a cheeze-head. But out of the “creative destruction” new and interesting models of dinning are being created.

Where to Play

When it comes right down to it, Lake Geneva is a second rate tourist town. This is no Aspin, Colorado. You don’t come here for the culture, unless high school sports are your world. You should come here for the great outdoors, to chill, to simplify. The lake is a unique and clean environment, with some one of a kind assets surrounding it like the shore path.

Five minutes outside of LG is some great road biking. The Kettle Moraine State Forest is a pleasant 25miles from town and rated as the best mountain biking in the Midwest.

There are free outdoor tennis courts at the local high school that are great and local (non-resort) golf that is adequate without costing much.

You can rent a kayak for a whole day for less than renting a boat for an hour, and your in the lake, not on the lake.