Living on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is what you will have an opportunity to experience when staying at Eleven Gables Inn & Cottage. The lake is extremely clean for a Wisconsin lake; this is primarily due to natural geography, with the lake having a very low runoff area to surface area ratio. Most lakes is Wisconsin have a ratio of 40 to 60:1. Lake Geneva’s ratio is 4:1; whereas Lake Delavan’s ratio is 70:1 because of several streams emptying into it… This means Lake Geneva is very clean and deep, up to 160 ft.

We have a private pier for swimming and four boat rental business within three blocks of the Inn. Yes we really are located in the city of Lake Geneva, which became a popular summer resort area in the 1880’s when the railroad was extended from Chicago, Illinois. “The Gabe” is located in a residential area close to downtown- but not in downtown; where industrial tourism is endemic. We are not for everyone, if you are looking for great nightlife or a cultured social scene you are not going to find it here. But if you want to chill out, slow down, take a deep breath or hide, than this is the place.

The Boutique Inn and Cottage

Our property has two buildings, both built in the 1850’s. The boutique inn has six rooms with private baths, three of which have their own private entrances. The cottage building is split in two units, two bedrooms and a bath each. Families and small groups of friend’s are most suited in the cottage building. We do lease to small groups and family reunions – max. 16-20 persons.

The inn in addition to having six rooms, has a breakfast porch overlooking the lake which opens into the living room via the original french doors. The wood flooring, woodwork and plaster on lath walls are original, as are the 9 foot ceilings. While the building was probably large when it was built, but by contemporary standards this place is no Mc Mansion. People were allot smaller in pre-civil America than they are today.