Room Description

The Ice House/Loft

The Ice House is a very private space spread through five interior levels. Its architecture mimics that of the main inn with four ‘wings’ spread out over the second floor. The original hayloaft plank floor, rafter beams, and large southern facing roof windows.

The oldicehouse is now a balcony kitchen of Italian tile and steel counters with a true hideaway sleep deck. On different elevations are three separate bedrooms, which can sleep up to four to five persons.

A total of two and a half bed rooms are spread out on the five levels. One room has a queen bed with glass patio doors opening onto a private balcony. Another bedroom has skylights with a built in full size bed. The third bedroom has two single beds bunk style.

Amenities include a large TV, central air and heat, and free Wi-Fi internet access.

The Kitchen in the Loft

When entering through the original ice house door opening one walks up two landings to enter the kitchen. The balcony kitchen has a Italian tile floor and stainless steel counter with a true small hideaway sleep deck. A small gas stove and oven with a microwave are for cooking inside, with an optional Weber charcoal grill outside.

The kitchen has limited dishes, pots and pans; for sanitary considerations we encourage you to bring your own.

On either side of the kitchen, at ground level, are the two small bedrooms. One with a full size bed and the other having two single beds- buck bed style.

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